Thank you all !


Thank you all!

What a day ! So many beautiful images! This edition will remain as the year of all records, it will be in our memories for a long time.

First of all, we will remember a record participation that took us by surprise, certainly A Corsa di l’Oriente was this year the final of a national challenge and had therefore received more media coverage. But it was the first time in its history that the Solo was sold out. You were more than 250 registered in solo, 35 teams in relays, about a hundred walkers.
You have come from all over Corsica, France and about ten nationalities represented.

On the sporting level, the Skyrunner France Series final has kept all its promises. A struggle at the top that resulted in the Solo race record being broken, with 3 riders under 3 hours. It was finally a surprise guest, the young Grenoble native Quentin Boudoux who took first place in 2h44’30 in front of Lambert Santelli, and Noel Giordano.

In the women’s race, Magali Graziani finished first in 4h15’31 ahead of Nathalie QUILGHINI and Océane Frey.

Finally, it is the duo of Fred Callier and Stéphane Degiovanni who wins the event.

But beyond the sporting aspect, we will above all remember the commitment of a mother for her little boy who forces our admiration through her courage and her will! Well done Florence!!! And what about Juliette who had the objective of finishing the race before the last riders and who, despite her difficulties, but thanks to her determination finishes with the first ones!!!!! You will forever remain true champions of this beautiful 2019 edition!!!!!!

Thank you to all our sponsors, institutional and private (faithful and newcomers) who every year allow us to make this event last and maintain its charitable aspect.

Finally, thank you to all the volunteers for organizing this beautiful final, and especially this year with this record attendance. You are our pride and joy!

We hope to meet all of you runners, walkers, and volunteers for the 2020 edition of A Corsa di l’Oriente.

Be patient a little bit longer, the pictures are being processed. You will find them very soon on the site.