A Youtube channel


J-30 Wake-up attendees, Oriente is you !

To make you want to come or return, to make you discover the course, to relive YOUR Oriente race, to share your experiences and emotions, we decided to launch our youtube channel ! Subscribe, like, share.

We will feed this channel with our own videos, but this race is also yours, each of you lives his own Oriente, that is why we will put you to contribution, if at the end of the event, you think that your images deserve to be seen, do not hesitate to contact us at corsa.oriente@gmail.com.

And to open our channel, the first teaser of the 2018 edition, interviews with Olivier the president, Mika, Christophe, Paul-Fé, and our cameraman of the day Jean-Phi.

Without forgetting the images of Ben at the heart of the pack, relive the start of the 2017 edition.

Of course you can always find us via our facebook page.

And a little reminder, register right now!!!