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How to register ?

All registrations are done on OUR PARTNER'S WEB SITE.
2024 fees :

  1. solo trail race: 25€,
  2. relay trail race: €50 per team
  3. solidarity walk : 10€

The registration is considered to be firm and definitive. No refund or transfer of registration will be possible for any reason whatsoever.
Registration will be closed on the friday before the race at 20:00.

It is possible to register on site the day of the race, but please help us, prefer the online registration


Can I registrer while picking-up my number or on the start area?

To register, prepare your documents:

  • A registration form,
  • your medical certificate for the races,
  • your ID document
  • 25 euros for the solo trail race, or 50 euros for the relay trail race, 10 euros for the solidarity walk

The register is considered to be firm and definitive. No refund or transfer of registration will be possible for any reason whatsoever.

But please help the organization, and prefer to register on line.

Download the solo trail race registration form.
Download the relay trail race registration form.
Download the solidarity walk registration form
Download a medical certificate template.
Download the solo trail race regulations.
Download the relay trail race regulations.

Who can register?

The race is open to all runners, with or without an athletics licenses, adults aged at least 18 years in the year of the event. In agreement with the FFA, the age categories will give rise to a separate ranking.

Non-licensed runners and foreign participants must provide a medical certificate with the mention "Presents no contraindication to competing in running races" or "Presents no contra indication to competing in sport", dated from less than 6 months on the day of the race, even if they hold a competitive licence issued by an IAAF affiliated federation.

For safety reasons, the Organizer limits the number of participants to 250.

A very good training and a real capacity for personal autonomy are indispensable for the success of such an individual adventure.

What does my registration include ?

Your registration includes:

  • you Bib,
  • your exact time,
  • Access to refreshments and medical assistance,
  • A T-shirt,
  • Access to showers on arrival,
  • Access to the end meal on arrival.
Where and when I pick-up my race bib ?

Bibs must be collected on presentation of an identity id and a medical certificate in the Sainte-Marie church Ghisoni village the day of the race from 6:30am to 8:00am.

Is the medical certificate is mandatory ?

Yes. Absolutely ! unless you have an athletic license that will be valid on the day of the race.
Only the following licenses are accepted: Athlé Compétition FFA, Athlé Entreprise FFA, Athlé Compétition FFA, Pass’ Running FFA, FFTri, FSGT, FSCF, UGSEL and UNSS.
Foreign participants, even with an athletics licence, must provide a medical certificate.

Download a medical certificate template

The medical certificate has to mention "Presents no contra indication to the practice of running in competition" or "Presents no contra indication to competing in sport" and dated from less than 6 months at the date of the race.

No bib will be given if your medical certificate was not validated by the organizers.

To make it simpler and avoid litigation, we suggest you to download a medical certificate template.

No need of medical certificate for the solidarity walk.

Where can I find the race regulations?
What about security and medical assistance?

Security posts are positioned at refreshment area. These posts have a radio or telephone link to the race HQ for security. A regulation medical team is present throughout the events at the race security HQ in Ghisoni.

These security posts are designed to give assistance to any person in danger by their own or public means.
It is up to a runner in trouble or seriously hurt to call for the help :

  • By going to a security post
  • By calling race HQ
  • By asking another runner to alert the security service

Every runner must give assistance to any person in danger and alert the security services.

Do I need a personal insurance ?

Yes absolutely.
Personal liability: The organiser has taken out a personal liability insurance for the duration of the event. This personal liability insurance guarantees the financial consequences of its responsibility, of that of its officials and its participants.
Personal accident: Each competitor should take out an individual accident insurance. Such an insurance can be taken out with any organisation chosen by the competitor, and in particular with the Fédération Française d'Athlétisme.

The choice of the method of evacuation and the actual choice of hospital is at the discretion of the search and rescue and medical officials.
Expenses resulting from the use of exceptional rescue or evacuation facilities (in particular helicopter evacuations) will be support by the rescued person. It falls to the runner to create their file and present it to their personal insurance company within the stated time limit.

Do I have with me a special equipment for the races ?

In order to ensure your security and the good progress of the trail races, you must have the following mandatory equipment:

  • A survival blanket
  • A distress whistle
  • Supply of water minimum 1L
  • Food reserve (2 energy bars)

The use of walking sticks, the ends of which must be protected, is permitted.

It is important to note that the material imposed by the organisers is a vital minimum which each trail-runner must adapt in function to their own capacities.

Additional recommended equipment:

  • Mobile phone (enter the safety numbers of the organization into its directory, do not hide its number and do not leave without charged batteries for the mobile phone),
  • Waste bag.
What time does my race start ?

Start time for the solo and relay race, at the same time: 8:30 am
Start time for the solidarity walk : 8:45 am
The race consists of a loop whose start and finish line are located at the foot of Sainte-Marie church - Ghisoni village.

Where is the relay checkpoint ?

The relay checkpoint takes place on post 3 (Capanelle) at the highest point of the race, this is the end of the climb and the beginning of the descent until Ghisoni village.

The organization of the race makes available for the teams who wish, a shuttle to transfer the runners from Ghisoni to Capanelle and Capanelle to Ghisoni (only for on line registration).

The departure of the village for the site of Capanelle will take place at 7:00.
It is of course possible for you to provide your own routes. For this purpose, a switch position indicating the position of the relay point will be positioned on the Capanelle site until 8.30 am.

What about maximum authorised time an cut-off times ?

The maximum time for the event, for the totality of the route is fixed at 7 hours.
You have to pass 6 checkpoints and respect cut-off times :

  • Checkpoint 1 (Cardo's sheepfold): 1 h 30
  • Checkpoint 2 (Oriente): 3 h 00
  • Checkpoint 3 (Capanelle): 4 h 00
  • Checkpoint 4 (Scarpaghjelle's sheepfold): 4 h 45
  • Checkpoint 5 (Cardo's sheepfold): 5 h 30
  • Arrival at Ghisoni: 7 h 00

Any competitor who does not respect these passage times will be eliminated from the competition.

Unexpected check posts are set-up. Their location is not divulged by the organiation.

All competitors excluded from the race who wish to continue the route can only do so after having returned their race-bib and under their own responsibility and in complete autonomy.

Are there any refresments during race?

The organization ensures the presence of solid and liquid refreshments (water) on 3 posts :

On the climb:

  • Post 1: After Cardo's sheepfold
  • Post 2: the highest point of the race at 2 150 m on the ridge line,

On the descent:

  • Post 3: Cardo's sheepfold

An end of race meal is served in Ghisoni.
Only runners carrying a visible race number have access to the refreshment areas.

You must take care, when leaving each refreshment post, that you have the necessary quantity of food and drink to last them to the next refreshment post.

Does a meal is served at the end of the race?

Oh, yes!
A "Spuntinu" (gargantuan meal) organized by our volunteers and our sponsors awaits you when you arrive.

Can I have a shower at the end of the race?

Showers will be available at the end of the race inside the gite "U Pianu", next the city hall.

Where and when can I check out my results?

Your results will be available on our partner's website on Monday morning, on this site, or on the Facebook page of the race.

Where and when can I attend the prizes-giving ceremony?

The prizes-giving will take place on the day of the race starting at 3:30 p.m., after the arrival of the last runner.

Where et when can I get my photos after the race?

If you're not scared to see what you look like during the race, you can find all your photos on this site.

Who will help me if I get lost ?

A hundred volunteers will be available throughout the events. They will be everywhere! You can find them when you pick up your race bib, at the refreshment checkpoints, throughout the race encouraging you, and at the final meal for sharing with you your experience. All the village is there for you.