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Technical Data

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  • Date: The first Sunday of August
  • Organization: Association Ghisoni-Oriente
  • Distance: 24 kms (15 miles)
  • Cumul D+ : 1850 mètres
  • Distance Climber: 11 kms (7 miles)
  • Descent Distance: 13 Kms (8 miles)
  • Place: Ghisoni, Corsica – France

What awaits you

Though all roads may lead to Rome, but at the departure of Ghisoni, at least one of them passes through to the Oriente. Following transhumance ways, a Corsa di Oriente is a true ascent of more than 1 850 meters of altitude that allows to get close to the highest summits of Corsica.
The rise

The start line at the centre of Ghisoni is always tinged with an atmosphere, a rare emotional moment about why you are here, to run a great sportive adventure but also to be part of a solidarity chain. And now, let’s run, a first steep ascent awaits you. It will take you to the Cardo sheepfolds, facing the Renosu chain. These sheepfolds precede by a hundred meters the first of the six refreshment posts. Enjoy, at this time of the race, you have only covered 5 kilometers and 800 meters of elevation altitude…
The second part of the ascent will lead you to the north of the Renosu chain, above the Col de Vizzavona, and facing the Monte Oru. The route, in the crest path, offers an exceptional panorama on the valleys of the Corsican center, up to the sea.

Then the passage under the benevolent eye of the Oriente, at 2 000 meters of altitude, window on the valley of the Gravona, will lead you to the second refreshment post. It marks the entrance into the Pinzi Curbini, the “Crow’s Beaks”, granite peaks shaped by time and elements.
The last steep ascent to the “Tulip” will take you to the north plateau of the Renosu chain. At 2150 meters above sea level, (the highest point of the race), above the ski resort of Capanelle takes place the third refreshment post. That is the relay checkpoint.
The descent
Back on the east side of the race, the first part of the technical descent, runs along the most northerly lift of the ski resort of Ghisoni, and will take you to the Scarpaghjelle sheepfolds, the fourth refreshment post. The return on the GR 20 will then carry you on the way back, towards the Cardo sheepfolds, the fifth refreshment post. There, you will begin the last descent, steep and technique followed by a passage on the promontory of Petra di Ripa, (sixth and last refreshment post). Finally, here you are are, last strides towards the village of Ghisoni where you will be greeted in a warm atmosphere around a well deserved buffet.