Official press release: Cancellation of the 2020 edition!

“To govern is to choose, however difficult the choices may be” Pierre MENDES.

And you know that we have made choices, always in a thoughtful and assumed manner, from the most risky to the most obvious. But we never imagined that we would have to face such a complex choice.

Given the health context, we studied all the technical and organizational possibilities, we consulted a lot, convinced that we could do it, that with time, we would have more health guarantees…

As you have understood, faced with the uncertainty of a resumption of the epidemic, confronted with a lot of contradictory information, faced with an invisible threat that we cannot control within a population at risk, and faithful to our commitments that go beyond the sporting aspect, we prefer to cancel the 2020 edition of A Corsa di l’Oriente… No regrets, because we know that you will respect our choice, no regrets because for the past 8 years, this human adventure and its encounters have taught us to look ahead and keep our sights set on the horizon.

We will complete the maintenance of our trails as we have done every year, so that those who wish to come can come and get some fresh air and oxygen without difficulty.

Be careful, don’t let your guard down, and we look forward to seeing you in 2021 to write together a new page of your adventures, always more supportive and friendly!