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As you already know, this year we are involved in the fight against cystic fibrosis. We therefore decided to support the More

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J-30 Wake-up attendees, Oriente is you ! To make you want to come or return, to make you discover the course, More


Here we are ! We have just officially opened the registrations for the 2018 edition. Fees remain unchanged for this year. More

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Solo trail race

Timed Event
Distance: 24 kms (15 miles)
Ascent: 2000 D +
Starting time: 8:30 am – Ghisoni

Relay trail race

Timed Event
Distance Climber 11kms (7 miles), 2000 m D +
Distance Descender 13kms (8 miles), 150 m D-
Starting time:  8:30 am – Ghisoni

Solidarity walk

Non-timed event
Distance: 6kms (4 miles)
Ascent: 400m D +
Starting time : 8:45 am
Loop around Ghisoni.


Best of 2017

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