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2019, the official movie

The official movie has arrived. We have been thinking about it for years: a film to show what you runners have More

2019, all the pictures

Here are finally the photos of the 2019 edition to consult in our gallery. Many thanks to Claire, Emmanuelle, Elise, Romaine More

Thank you all !

Thank you all! What a day ! So many beautiful images! This edition will remain as the year of all records, More

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Solo trail race

Timed Event
Distance: 24 kms (15 miles)
Ascent: 2000 D +
Starting time: 8:30 am – Ghisoni

Relay trail race

Timed Event
Distance Climber 11kms (7 miles), 2000 m D +
Distance Descender 13kms (8 miles), 150 m D-
Starting time:  8:30 am – Ghisoni

Solidarity walk

Non-timed event
Distance: 6kms (4 miles)
Ascent: 400m D +
Starting time : 8:45 am
Loop around Ghisoni.


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